Containment will no longer equal boredom.

Another article on lockdown... but this one is much more fun and will bring some joy back into our daily lives!

It's not so easy to take care of children all day, we have found some cool ideas for you to hold on until LIBERATION!

But confinement is also a time when you can create strong bonds and take time to refocus on yourself.

Activities for children

Playing is essential for childhood development but it can be so tiring. Innovation is not easy either. So here are some cool ideas to reproduce at will:

  • Play logic games: the website
  • Bake good cupcakes with the kids
  • Do gymnastics: pajamas, a few blankets on the ground, chairs, armchairs and voila! A real obstacle course that will tire your children while having fun. Enjoy the siesta!
  • Create a little show: let your children's creativity speak.
  • Traditional activities are still relevant: painting, drawing, colouring, modeling clay, doing puzzles, sorting toys, playing hide and seek, etc.
  • Decorating old clothes, cutting into them, painting on them, everything to amuse children.

Activities for young and old

Did you know that several museums offer the possibility of being visited virtually? Something to entertain your children while educating them. Here is a nice site on which you can find some pearls: Museum to visit virtually .

Why not even travel a little without moving from home!

Focus on yourself

It's time to relax, we can't do anything anyway. So relax. Online Yoga classes to follow offer you the opportunity to do it at home, quietly.

It's also the time to read your favorite books, listen to your favorite music on repeat, sing loudly, etc.

This is an opportunity for you to meet and answer the questions that have tormented you for so long. This is also the time for couples who work hard to spend time together.

Nature takes its place

A thought to all those people who lost their lives and to all the people who take risks every day to offer us a daily life of joy again.

Who hasn't yet seen all the videos circulating about sea animals returning to the Italian coasts? Animals roaming in India, CO2 emissions greatly reduced, etc.

As the world is at a standstill, the Earth finally has time to recharge its batteries. Which is a real good thing given the recent climatic circumstances and the consequences.

Adapt to your new life

We have offered you a few games above to keep you busy during confinement, but we are aware that the trick is quickly over. You have to realize that this life in confinement is still likely to last a little longer, many people are starting to have thoughts that are a little less positive than usual, some people can't find what to do and are deadly bored.

However, it is important to stay positive especially in these difficult times. We know that confinement is there for everyone's well-being, none of us really want to come out and suffer the dramatic consequences of this virus. That's why you have to adapt to this temporary life by creating your own routine.

There is no miracle recipe for surviving confinement, but you can do it!

So we all hope of course that this confinement ends soon, to see our loved ones again. But we all know it's for a good cause.


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