Entrepreneurship, a word reserved for men? NO.

When we think of “student entrepreneurs”, “young entrepreneurs”, “big entrepreneurs”, we tend to associate these terms with men. And yet, there are more and more women who launch out to challenge the societal idea.

Why this association?

Women are afraid to take risks, women lack financial resources, women are not enough negotiators, etc.

And yet many companies are managed by women in all areas: shops, youtubers, influencers, restaurateurs, consulting, etc. But in fields other than entrepreneurship, some women have made a name for themselves and climbed to the highest positions possible.

Women entrepreneurs

It's not just setting up your own business that makes you an entrepreneur. Being a female entrepreneur is as much about setting up a business from A to Z as it is about reaching very high levels within existing companies. It is to undertake great things in its own way.

Let's take a few examples of well-known women, who have or have not set up their business from the start:

  • Angela Merkel: As German Chancellor she is one of the most powerful women in the world.
  • Ginni Tometty: CEO, IBM in the United States.
  • Ana Patricia Botin: President of Santander Group, Banco in Spain.
  • Corinne Dumont : owner and director of organic stores called Sequoia in France.
  • Céline Lazorthes : leader of the Leetchi group,
  • Sheryl Sandberg: Facebook COO in the United States, former Google vice-president.
  • Susan Wojcicki : Youtube CEO in the United States

All these women did not climb so high by chance. Let's zoom in on two of these women with impressive careers.

Celine Lazorhtes

French entrepreneur. She obtained her baccalaureate in 2001 and joined the preparatory class of the EPITA engineering school and continued for a master 2 in project management with an IT option. She created Leetchi in 2009, a solidarity kitty, a way to simply collect money to finance projects, gifts, etc.

Sheryl Sandberg

Born in 1969, she made a name for herself from an early age by being among the top of her class. In 1987, she entered Harvard College and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in economics in 1961. She met Laurence Summers who recruited her as a research assistant at the World Bank.
In 1993, she joined Harvard Business School and obtained her MBA only 3 years later. From there, she went on to prestigious jobs at McKinsey & Company, Google and then Facebook.

It's dreamy, isn't it?

A few tips for getting started

There are no miracle cures but one of the first things to get started is to have confidence in yourself and your project. Critics, you will receive that for sure, but have the right arguments to prove that your idea will work, be sure of yourself.

You shouldn't be afraid of failure. Everything doesn't always work the first time as you would like, but that doesn't mean your idea isn't good. Sometimes you have to readjust a few things to get your project off the ground.

Do not hesitate to take training to promote your ideas, training to know how to make business plans or simply training to have the necessary tools to get started. We never know everything 100% and we are never immune to change.

Ask for Feedback, we often tend to see only the positive, some external criticism will make you open your eyes to certain things you hadn't thought of.

Of course, be passionate. Your future clients will feel if you are not fully committed to a project. Take the time to find an idea that really suits you.

Once started, don't let go, word of mouth, networking... Keep looking for constant improvement. Always aim higher than you think you can achieve to surpass yourself!

Le Petit Boudoir supports women entrepreneurs.

For those who already know us, you know that we do everything we can to support women entrepreneurs. Many of our brands were created by women and are still led by women.

For example:

  • Delphine who launched the magnificent jewelry brand Delféa .
  • Charlotte who offers us good products for the skin with her brand Bobone .
  • Paulien and his brand O My Bag which is a hit.
And many other brands, but especially the Petit Boudoir, which was created thanks to its founder Malika!

In summary, do not be afraid to get started ladies!

Photo: https://fr.freepik.com/photos-vectors-free/business

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